Recent Publications

To see a full list of publications please refer to GoogleScholarA curated list of publications based on area of interest below. 

1) Student Partnership Conceptualisations, Definitions, Models, and Policy 

Naylor, R., Dollinger, M., Mahat, M., & Khawaja, M. (2020). Students as customers versus active agents: conceptualising students roles in governance and quality assurance. Higher Education Research and Development.

Dollinger, M., & Mercer-Mapstone, L. (2019). What’s in a name? Unpacking students’ roles in higher education through neoliberal and social justice lenses. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 7(2), 73-89.

Dollinger, M., & Lodge, J. (2019). Understanding value in the student experience through student–staff partnerships. Higher Education Research & Development, 1-13.

Dollinger, M., & Lodge, J. (2019). Student-staff co-creation in higher education: an evidence-informed model to support future design and implementation. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 1-15. 

Dollinger, M., Lodge, J., & Coates, H. (2018). Co-Creation in Higher Education: Towards a Conceptual Model. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 28(2), 210-231.

2) Student Partnership and Co-Creation in Learning Analytics 

Vigentini, L., Liu, D. Y., Arthars, N., & Dollinger, M. (2020). Evaluating the scaling of a LA tool through the lens of the SHEILA framework: A comparison of two cases from tinkerers to institutional adoption. The Internet and Higher Education.

Dollinger, M., Liu, D., Arthars, N., & Lodge, J. (2019). Working Together in Learning Analytics Towards the Co-Creation of Value. Journal of Learning Analytics, 6(2), 10-25. 

Dollinger, M., & Lodge, J. M. (2018). Co-creation strategies for learning analytics. In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (pp. 97-101). ACM. (Short-listed for Best Short Paper).

Arthars, N., Dollinger, M., Vigentini, L., & Liu, D. (2018). Empowering Teachers to Personalise Learning Support and Feedback. In Ifenthaler, D., Mah, D., Yau, J. (Eds.) Utilizing Learning Analytics to Support Student Success. Springer.

3) Student Partnership Practice (including training and CoLabs) 

Dollinger, M. & Vanderlelie, J. (2020). Closing the Loop: co-designing with students towards market orientation. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education.

Dollinger, M. & D'Angelo, B. (2020). Co-Design for Student Success Handbook. Published by the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education. Link here.

Dollinger, M., & Vanderlelie, J. (2019). Developing and enacting student governance and leadership training in higher education. A Practice Report. Student Success, 10(2). 59-64.

4) Research Related to Employability and Industry Engagement 

Dollinger, M., Arkoudis, S. & Marangell, S. (2019). University alumni mentoring programs: a win-win? Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 41(4), 375-389.

Dollinger, M., & Brown, J. (2019). An institutional framework to guide the comparison of work-integrated learning. Journal of Teaching and Learning for Graduate Employability, 10(1), 88-100.

Coates, H., Croucher, G., Weerakkody, U., Moore, K., Dollinger, M., Kelly, P., Bexley, E. & Grosemans, I. (2019). A design architecture for the future Australian doctorate. Higher Education,1-16.

Dollinger, M., Coates, H., Bexley, E., Croucher, G., & Naylor, R. (2018). Framing international approaches to university-industry collaboration. Policy Reviews in Higher Education, 2(1), 105-127.